Adrian Campos

Date of birth: 16th June 1960

Radio-controlled cars Spanish Championship (champion)
1983: Formula 3
1984: Formula 3
1985: German Formula 3 (II vice-champion)
1986: Formula 3000
1987: Formula 1
1988: Formula 1
Since 1998: Founder and CEO of Campos Racing

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We used to call Adrian Campos angel of the racing business in our recent publications. After Spaniard decided to retire from motorsport, having been racing in Formula 1, he set up his own racing team, what has been existing almost for 2 decades now. Today we can see drivers with the logo of "Campos Racing" in GP2, GP3, Formula 3, WTCC, TCR and indirectly in Formula E as well. In all of these categories, his guys have been standing at the top of the podium several times, what makes us think that he really knows what he is doing.

Question 1: Street circuits or classic ones?

Adrian: It depends, but more often I prefer classic ones.

Question 2: Wet or dry track

Adrian: Dry.

Question 3: Understeer or Oversteer?

Adrian: A bit of understeer.

Question 4: Cars with DRS or without DRS?

Adrian: Without DRS.

Question 5: Hybrid engines or internal combustion engines?

Adrian: Hybrid is the future.

Question 6: Straights or corners?

Adrian: Corners.

Question 7: Monza or Spa?

Adrian: Both of them.

Question 8: Softs or mediums?

Adrian: Softs.

Question 9: Race or qualifying?

Adrian: Qualifying.

Question 10: Ferrari or McLaren?

Adrian: It depends if it is Formula 1 or road car. I would choose McLaren for road and Ferrari in Formula 1.

Question 11: Senna or Prost?

Adrian: Senna.

Question 12: Lewis or Nico?

Adrian: Hmm... Senna, again.

Question 13: Party or evening with friends?

Adrian: Evening with friends.

Question 14: Trendy music or classical music?

Adrian: Trendy.

Question 15: Summer holidays or winter holidays?

Adrian: Summer holidays!

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