Kris Meeke: Poprawa formy moim celem w drugiej części sezonu

Citroën's leader - Kris Meeke agreed to do a short interview with us in a summer break. Briton told us about his targets for the second half of the season in World Rally Championship.

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Hello Kris. We have Rally Finland ahead of us. Do you expect that you will compete for top positions?

Ok, last year the rally was good for us. We were able to run in top positions and be at the front for two days but Jari-Matti and Seb were little bit too fast for me. It was encouraging for me last year that we manage to get a podium so I was quite close to the front. Now we're doing a pre-event test a weekend before the rally what's would be good for us to find the rhythm and hopefully we can do a good rally. It's want we want to achieve.

A few days ago you were testing before the Rally Germany and we've got a few tarmac rallies ahead of us. What do you think about your car's potential on tarmac?

I think the car's record in a history speaks for itself on tarmac. Look at Sébastien Loeb - he's really strong on that surface. For me the car and feeling were really good from the tests for Germany so I think the car can be strong. Last year in Germany we possibly could take our first victory but unfortunately it was not achieved. But in Germany the road position is very, very important and depends a lot of the weather. I think our car is very strong and if the weather can be good and dry for the weekend I think our car will keep a lot of challenging at the front.

Do you have any specific goal for the rest of the season? Do you think that you can improve your position in general classification?

Yes, for sure that's the target. This year my speed was very good in Monte Carlo, Sweden, also Argentina and Portugal. Poland was not so good but I think it depends the place for not doing the pre-event tests. I drop the few points at the beginning of this year which has not helped my championship position. Last year we took a lot of points on the second half of the season and I hope we will do the same this year. The rallies in front: Finland, Germany, Australia, Corsica I hope will be nice. In all of these rallies I feel good and hopefully we can get there some points and for sure I want to improve my championship position.



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