Christian Horner specjalnie dla ŚwiatWyścigó

Christian Horner specjalnie dla ŚwiatWyścigó Tomasz Kubiak/ŚwiatWyścigó

Christian Horner specjalnie dla ŚwiatWyścigó

Red Bull Racing has dominated Formula 1 from 2010 to 2013, but was unable to match the factory teams since the hybrid era has been introduced to the sport. This might change next year as the team will begin its alliance with Honda. During the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend the team principal Christian Horner has found a few minutes to talk with ŚwiatWyścigó’s Tomasz Kubiak.

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Three wins so far this season, is it about what you would expect?
I guess so. We have won three races so far and obviously we are pushing to try win more in the second part of the year. Of course, you always want more but I think considering what we have, we are doing okay.

Next year you are going to have a new partner in Honda. How important is that works status?
It is very important for us, because our weakest link for the last five years has been the power unit and we are very keen to try and close the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari ahead. We feel that an OEM like Honda with the resources and ambition that they have will give us that opportunity.

For the last few years you have been focusing on making big downforce and maximising the slower corners. Will that change if you can rely on the straightaway speed?
No, it will be just the same, just with more power and that’s what we need. I think we have a very competitive chassis with two great drivers, we just have one missing ingredient at the moment.

Diving a little to the history, how did you transform the team from being in the midfield to fighting for the championships?
It’s all about people, putting the right group together and working as one team. We have common goals and clear objectives, put the right infrastructure in place, and the right culture. It’s a people business at the end of the day.

It’s also not just about selling cans of energy drink but about creating technology and designing road cars…
It’s a part of the team’s and company’s evolution. Adrian [Newey] was very keen to design a road car and the opportunity arouse with Aston Martin. We have a good friendship with the chairman of Aston Martin Andy Palmer, who has previously had been at Infinity, so it’s a natural alliance and a project that has worked extremely well.

Red Bull has always tried to do thinks a little bit different, how did this approach work out for you?
I think we have never been afraid to be different. We have taken risk especially with young drivers and invested in youth. Drivers like Max, Daniel, Sebastian Vettel and Carlos Sainz Jr are all drivers that Red Bull has picked at a very young age and that’s worked very well for us.

Is it different to work with established and young drivers?
I think the older drivers are more set in their ways and less tolerant, but are all professional drivers are hungry and self-critical.

How would you rate your current drivers?
I think they are two of the best that we have had to be honest, and as a pairing it probably is the best pairing. I think they’re right up there.

How does it feel to race against Sebastian?
He’s another competitor now. We had a great time when he was with us and now we compete against him.

There are some changes coming to Formula 1 with its new owners, how do you see it progressing?
I think its interesting times for Formula 1, there is a lot going on and the new owners Liberty Media need to set a clear map of what they want to achieve, but I think there are exciting times ahead.

What do you think of the idea of having new street races in the calendar?
I don’t mind and I’m open to it. I think it’s important to get the balance right between classic tracks and street events.

How about the number of races?
I think we need to be careful not to reach saturation. It’s like a book – you need interesting chapters but not too many.

Someone has recently suggested a race among the team principals. Do you like that idea?
I think it would be fun.

And who would win between you and Toto Wolff?
We have to do the race to see…

Tomasz Kubiak

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