Sergey Sirotkin

Nationality: Russian
Date of birth: 27th August 1995

2010: Formula Abarth
2011: Formula Abarth European Series (5 wins, champion) + Formula Abarth Italian Series (2 wins, vice-champion)
2012: Auto GP World Series (2 wins, II vice-champion) + Formula 3 European Series (2 wins) + Formula 3 Italian Series + guest starts in Formula Renault 3.5 Series
2013: Formula Renault 3.5
2014: Formula Renault 3.5 (1 win) + Sauber F1 Team test driver
2015: GP2 series (1 win, II vice-champion)
2016: GP2 series

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Sergey Sirotkin is a driver who already might have created even bigger sensation than Max Verstappen did because 2 years ago he was supposed to have a contract for a drive with Sauber. Unofficially due to not meeting the commitments by Russian sponsors, his debut in the most prestigious racing series didn't take place, however, it doesn't mean that it is not about to happen very soon. 20-year old Russian has proved his talent in many lower categories in the past in during his rookie season in last year's GP2 series championship he was able to secure 3rd position in the standings. This year he is a vital title contender because last year's champion, Stoffel Vandoorne, as well as vice-champion Alexander Rossi, decided not to race here anymore.

Question 1: Street circuits or classic ones?

Sergey: Both.

Question 2: Wet or dry track

Sergey: Again both.

Question 3: Understeer or Oversteer?

Sergey: Oversteer.

Question 4: Cars with DRS or without DRS?

Sergey: With DRS.

Question 5: Hybrid engines or internal combustion engines?

Sergey: They are the same for me.

Question 6: Straights or corners?

Sergey: Corners.

Question 7: Monza or Spa?

Sergey: Spa.

Question 8: Softs or mediums?

Sergey: Softs.

Question 9: Race or qualifying?

Sergey: Winning the race from pole.

Question 10: Ferrari or McLaren?

Sergey: Ferrari looks quicker in the moment, so Ferrari.

Question 11: Senna or Prost?

Sergey: Senna.

Question 12: Lewis or Nico?

Sergey: Lewis.

Question 13: Party or evening with friends?

Sergey:  Evening with friends.

Question 14: Trendy music or classical music?

Sergey: Trendy music.

Question 15: Summer holidays or winter holidays?

Sergey: Summer holidays!

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