Polish artist paints Schumacher's helmet

Agnieszka Wienand is once again the author of a helmet painting for an F1 driver. This time, the Pole working for JMD Jens Munser Design has created a paint job for Mick Schumacher. The Haas driver is using the special helmet design during the Japanese Grand Prix.

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Wienand has previously done designs for Sebastian Vettel and Lando Norris. As she admits, the opportunity to do a design for Schumacher made her very happy, as she is impressed by the driver himself and his performance in motorsport.

„This time I had the opportunity to paint a helmet for Mick Schumacher. I was very happy to hear this news because I admire Mick and his career. I know this is his first race on the Suzuka circuit, so it was even more of an honor for me to do the design and paint the helmet with my own hands. Suzuka is a much-loved racetrack and every time I admire the helmets of F1 drivers that are made especially for a race in Japan” – Wienand said.

Pink cherry blossoms on a blue background – this was Mick's wish, which is a very familiar and frequently used Japanese theme.

„Mick's wish was cherry blossoms on a blue background. This is a well-known Japanese theme and one that is often used. My aim was to showcase this theme artistically. The helmet already had Mick's design in 3D such as the stars, the number 47 and other details, which were made by JMD Jens Munser Design”.

Agnieszka's design is unique. It is not a simple sticker or a few layers of paint, but a handwork that impresses with its final result. It is only when you have the opportunity to see the Haas driver's helmet up close that you can see the layers of paint, and the whole thing makes you admire a true painting masterpiece that not only decorates the driver's head, but also protects it.

„I decided to treat the helmet like a canvas. First there was a general sketch in pencil and then mixing acrylic paints right on the helmet. I didn't know exactly what effect would come out of this, which was an interesting experience. I wanted the cherry blossoms not to look like they were cut and pasted, I wanted them to be able to «feel» when someone touches the helmet with their fingers. This effect was created after applying several layers of paint and a technique of scratching out the outlines of the cherry blossom. I accentuated the details using not only paint, but also crayons and thin pens. The cherry blossoms and branches diminish towards the front of the helmet and the blue background changes to white, the more you can see the sponsors' logo. The whole painted design is like a masterpiece and has its own unique and special dimension”.

Agnieszka has previously collaborated on helmet designs for Sebastian Vettel or Lando Norris. In the case of the McLaren driver, the latter approached the studio after seeing the design made for the German driver. As the Pole admits, painting the helmet for Mick Schumacher gives her joy in her work.

„Painting the helmet gave me a lot of joy, every time it's a challenge again because you don't know what the exact end result will be. Japanese themes are very much loved, every driver has their own vision of the design, the art is to execute it in different artistic techniques. I'm happy to see that more and more helmet designs are more individual; the ideas are crazy, and the execution is multifaceted. Such projects are great opportunities for demonstrating the talent that designers have. I thank Mick for the opportunity and trust and also for the great collaboration with JMD Jens Munser Design. Roksana, thank you for another interview. Warm greetings to Poland”.

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